• For four consecutive years, the world's only French Oscar-winning facial mask brand Unitouch has officially entered LVMH's Parisian department store Le Bon Marché. So What and IM A BAD GIRL has been sold by global cosmetics retail leader Sephora in 226 retail outlets in China and Sephora's official website. By the end of 2018, it is projected that SEPHORA Unitouch will have a total of 5 series and more than 20 facial mask available at SEPHORA; In 2018, Unitouch has expanded to Sephora's in Poland, Indonesia, and many other countries. Unitouch's products are also seen in the famous Pharmacie Monge in Paris, Heinemann duty-free shops in Germany Airport, and Sogo department stores in Taiwan.

  • Kingirls face mask is now available in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the US. It is available in more than 2000 stores. It has entered the high-end cosmetics industry with a new marketing model that combines e-commerce with traditional retail. KINGIRLS has joined forces with Marionnaud, the second largest cosmetics retailer in France, REWE GROUP, one of the top three retailers in Europe, BIPA, a top retailer in Austria, and ETAM, the renowned French clothing company. KINGIRLS's face mask combines youthful vitality and fashionable taste, introducing the patented macaron shape and exclusive hand-painted design that is admired by young women around the world.

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    Miao Miao, a beauty blogger with a sales record of 300,000 pieces of marine water masks, provided a fast track for countless Chinese women with her high-quality selection. She explores any beauty related products around the world with the belief that there is no shortcut to beauty, only the desire to change. Vandarllin face mask is a miracle recommendation that has withstood the test of time. May all women become the best women.

    Sea Water Hydrating Repair Mask / Face And Neck Mask

    Substances extracted from Bretagne Ocean include many nutritious elements with excellent penetration rate, which can be easily absorbed through skin, provides necessary minerals and essential rare elements and solves your skin problems such as dry skin.

    Selling more than1,000,000 pieces, witness the miracle of its hydrating function

    Mandelic Acid Brightening Black Mask

    The World most advanced long fiber mask - made in Japan
    Preparation of charcoal with perfect adsorption capacity.
    To purify the pores and regulate the level of oil in the skin. It is a deep purification, so your skin appears smoother and tighten

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